Charcoal is a combustible solid material that gets from the heating of woods to close temperatures to the 700 degrees Celsius, in the absence of air, this process of production begins at ovens. In the event of the craft traditional oven, he has to do with a process that comes true open-cast. First the wood piled up with straw and land is lined, next the wood smoulders during 10 or 12 days, to become vegetal coal.

   The  conversion  among  the  wooden  utilized  quantity  and  the  quantity  of  resulting  charcoal comes from approximately 4 tons of firewood for 1,5 of coal.After the coal of ovens was extracted, it is transferred to centers of beneficial where it is selected or benefit of manual form or with machine, getting finally  packed  in  polipropileno’s  bags  of  15  or  20  kg  sealed  sewn  by  hand  or  machine.



   IO2C Group Global has been professionally engaged in the charcoal trade business for several years.Our company has maintained during all these years, a solid and increasing commercial relation with his  clients, in the markets from  Turkey, Greece, Spain, Saaudi Arabia and Jordan.
We exclusively work with manufacturers that have sustainably passed the practical test with us and our customers and therefore meet our and our customers standards and expectations

   The more frequent customers of our charcoal are wholesalers of the countries ,some chains of hotels, restaurants, kebaps restaurants and shisha cafes .




   The charcoal (100% natural) is characterised by the following aspects:
easy to light, very long lasting, smoke free glowing, strong heat development and a pleasurable grill aroma.perfect for greasy/oily goods.

   IO2C Group Global promise that you will have the best  premium charcoal and have it delivered with the highest possible standards in this industry.