Bismak Machine is manufacturing in Karaman Industrial Zone on a surface area of 14.000 sqm which includes an indoor space area of 4000 sqm.
The company serves both domestic and foreign customers about production lines and their spare parts for Biscuit, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cake, Nougat and wafer as a main manufacturing industry.

   The company has been in continuous innovations to make our name well-known according to domestic and foreign customer demands and requests about facilities made or to be made. With new technologies and R &Ds, production lines which are efficient, needs minimum manpower, with high-performance are being manufactured in our facility.



Although the company is not only to make sales but also is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. By coming to the fore about activities of our aftersales support department consisting of dynamic and qualified staff, company increases customer preference.

   Io2c Group Global is the official sales representative of the Bismak Machine in the global market.we provide sales and technical support to our customers and exceed their expectations.