Olive Oil

  Olive has been a symbol Mediterranean civilization throughout history. It's claimed that this noble tree from southeastern Anatolia spread to western Anatolia then to Greece, Italy and Spain through to Aegean islands. By the 16.century, it has started to be seen even in North America, Latin America, China and Japan.

   It is known that agriculture with olives is done since 6.000 years. However, 39.000 years old fossils of olive trees are found on the island Santorini in the Aegean Sea during archaeological examinations. Another archaeological excavation showed us that the ancient city of Klazomenai near the county Urla in the Province of Izmir was an important production centre for olives and olive oil at recent times.

   Not many things drew the attention of the civilized world in history like olives and olive oil did. Olives are the sources of many myths and their history reaches four thousand years to the past. In all  ages, olives and olive oil were subject to trading. Thus olives reached many countries and mainly the countries of the Mediterranean. Olive leaves are symbols of victory, intelligence and peace.

  Whether in myths or in ordinary life; in no place, you can follow the historical tracks of olives as you can do in the Mediterranean. For example, the history of the olive plant in Greece and Turkey reaches up to 4000 years to the past.


   Hittites Olive oil products from strictly selected Aegean region olive groves to maintain high quality for every crop. Our production principles;

24 hours transfer from branch to bottle, Olive oil output with temperate in accordance to food codex, Separation of foreign particles from olive oil with sensitive filter, stilling with natural settlement, filtering if requested, resting at dark and cool storages before filling process, then we offer our products to consumption inside metal and dark colored glass bottles according to order diversity.
   We process Virgin Olive Oils that are called hot-pressed at 37°C at most and Natural Extra Virgin Oil Oils that are called coldpressed at 27°C in our production philosophy that considers odour and taste addresses to gourmet palates. This temperature levels prevent the deterioration of “K ” values and other phenolic components that are found inside the olive oil and provide health to the body.

   Our product tree consisting of Natural Extra Virgin, Natural Virgin, Premium(cold prep.&unpressed), Riviera, Pomace and Wild Olive oil.

   Carrying health to future generations is our vision in our enterprise where hygienic conditions are applied with the highest rate to Memecik, Gemlik, Çilli, Erkence type olive oils which we get by evading wrong practices that are known as true in our sector.

   We collect the olives supplied from producers in Aegean region under our supervision and control
then we produce our olive oils with high hygiene conditions and sensitivity.

   Our high sense of responsibility makes us create Supreme quality products with respect to our customers & the final consumer.
   For our products  we use a number of different packaging materials starting from 0.5lt, 0.75lt and 1lt glass bottles, 1lt, 2lt pet and of course 1lt, 2lt, 3lt, 4lt and 5lt tins, under our brand names or under a private label for retailers and wholesalers
  Our refining and packaging factory works under the most recent E.U. legislations and regulations concerning the olive oil products and in accordance with an ISO 22000:2005 quality standard that has already been established.  
   All the above, plus our great experience in olive oil processing and exports, guarantee that our products enjoy the highest quality to ensure that such an excellent product as the olive oil, can be available to all consumers throughout the world, giving them the opportunity to enjoy its nutritional and health benefits. 


Hittites Virgin Olive Oil

Hittites Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hittites Premium (Cold Preparation&unpressed)

Hittites Wild Olive Oil