Marble has been used in various cultures and historical works with its use going back to B.C. times. It was introduced into people's life approximately 6500 years ago. It has rapidly developed since history. When examined, it becomes evident that many cultures used natural stone in history. Having started shaping stone through carving technique, humanity today continues to process stones with state-of-the-art technology. Symbolizing richness in historical civilizations, marble has been used in palaces and luxurious dwellings.

   Marble is the compound that forms through crystallization of limestone. More than 85% of the compounds are Calcium Carbonate. Main mineral is calcite. While its color is white and greyish, it is also encountered in various colors such as red, pink, black etc. due to mixture of different soil colors. When its structure is examined in detail, it is seen that it forms through strong engagement of calcite crystals.

   The fact that a stone can be obtained in blocks and can be cut and polished is enough to define that stone as marble. Located in the richest formation zone of the world, Turkey has a wide and vast reserve. Containing a major portion of the global reserve, Turkey ranks at the front row in natural stone production and marketing. It is increasing its production and export steadily. Turkish stone is preferred and used in many countries of the world due to its quality. Having significant productivity in terms of local richness, Turkey has a branded and serious market share thanks to the quality of its marbles. In line with the rapidly advancing technology, out new and different natural richness is discovered faster and faster. Turkey makes a distinguished name for it and is the strongest candidate in becoming a brand in this sector.



   Since inception in 2016 IO2C Group Global has been supplying quality Natural Stone products to the global market. From early days as one of the biggest supplier of raw material or finished products for any sizes regarding to our clients’s requests, our activities have expanded and diversified in response to changing market demand in both residential/commercial projects and warehouse stuffing of the clients.

   IO2C Group Global which aim for the highest benefit in blocks and slabs export to differents part of the world such as The Middle East,Europa and Usa.We aim the increase human welfare and life qualty with investments made by our organizations.



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