Hittites Wines was established in 450 decares of vineyard in the province of Denizli, district of Çal in Turkey in 2006. Çal region is a region where important vine grapes of Turkey and the World are cultured. Çal has led various civilizations in grape culturing for centuries in Anatolia. 
   Our company has adopted as a principle to keep alive, spread and introduce to the world the primary grape types, and turn grape types of foreign origin, which it grows in different micro climates of Anatolia, into wine to give the best result.
   Hittites Wines exports to Russia, China, Japan and many African countries, with Eastern Europe being at the first place.
   Growing and increasing its capacity every day with its expert stuff, Hittites Wines performs production in 4 different sizes (37,5 - 75 - 100 - 150 cl). As of 2018, we have the target of attending various fairs in Europe and China, thus reaching new regions and many people
   By investing in technology and production of vineyard as well as conducting continuous researches on growing grape, the main material of wine, it aims to reach its target, that is sustainable and increasing quality.
  Just like in France and Italy (chateau style, the pre-condition for quality wine production), Hittites Wines turns all grapes it uses in production into wine in 30 minutes without loss of aroma.




    Since the first day of our foundation, we have been delicately growing Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Doronicum, Kalecik Karası, Çalkarası,Alcante and Carignan as well as Chardonnay, Blanc,Sultaniye, and Narince grapes.


*Vibrant yet silky with spicy plum and blackberries leading to a long, satisfying finish.

Spicy blackberry fruit with hints of dark chocolate and toasty oak.

Enjoy it alone or accompanied with roast leg of lamb or hard cheeses such as Cheddar.


Fleshy yet velvety textures with ripe plum and black cherry flavours.

Fresh fruit aromas of ripe mulberry and spicy red currant, with rich vanillin oak.

Enjoy with your favourite pasta or semi-hard cheeses like Edam.

-Cabernet Sauvignon

Strong yet elegant with rich blackcurrant and plum flavours.

Lifted cassis fruit flavours supported by subtle cedar and spice notes.

Beef fillet or a marinated roast leg of lamb.

-Sauvignon Blanc

Soft yet flavoursome, with revealing passion fruit and citrus fruit characters.

Attractive tropical passion fruit and guava, with hints of grapefruit.

Enjoy it alone or with sushi and fresh green salads.


Mineral-like and brackish nuances in nose and pallet are dominant. Plump and fatty tissue, classy Chardonnay should be tried with oily fish, shellfish, and sauced white meat within 2-3 years without cooling too much.





   Authentic aromatic characteristics of strong, beefy, tannic Öküzgözü that drives the unique soil and climate features of Denizli province to its own spicy character can be felt thoroughly in Öküzgözü – Merlot.
   Left to age in special tanks for 24 months, Merlot – Öküzgözü steps up as a wine that has round, beefy, light and fruity characteristics. Merlot – Öküzgözü evokes cherry, raspberry, clove and rose aromas.


   Shiraz grape, which is known in the world by its dark, tannic, strong and fruity red wine; Öküzgözü grape with its distinctive aroma and vivid fruity character, and reaching a light beefy structure after a short maceration, Çalkarası grape’s fruity characters last on palate along with a generous presentation with their strong tastes.


Produced from fruity, balmy, yet sweet Sultaniye grape of Deniz province, Sultaniye is an aromatic, alive and smooth neat wine in addition to its palatel taste.And also it is easy to drink, and evokes apple and orange aromas.



Hittites White Wine

Hittites White Wine

Hittites Red Wine

Hittites Red Wine

Hittites Rose Wine

Hittites Rose Wine